4 Ways to Slay Colorful Eyeshadow

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‘Color Me Summer’

Are you just getting into eyeshadow and nervous of using bold colors or are you a pro and love to experiment? Either way, have no fear of colorful eyeshadow. Below are four simple ways to style colorful eyeshadow for any occasion.

Table of Contents:

  1. Create ‘New Rules’ to Subtlely Slay
  2. ‘Levitating’ your look with Bright and Shiny Colors
  3. Get ‘Hotter Than Hell’ with a Smokey Eye
  4. ‘IDGAF’, Choose Them All

1. Create ‘New Rules’ to Subtlely Slay

How can you slay the colorful eyeshadow look without being too over-the-top? The trick is to blend, blend and blend. Create a rendition of a mesmerizing sunset with the yellow and orange hues with our Mucho Happy palette. If yellows and oranges aren’t your color, use our Chill Happy palette and use the purple and pink tones to make a subtle yet girls-want-to-have-fun makeup-inspired look.

2. ‘Levitating’ your look with Bright and Shiny Colors

Want your makeup to be bright, loud and fun? Do you want it to give Maddy Perez from Euphoria? Look no further than our eyeshadow palettes and sticks. From bright blues to glamorous greens and many colors in between, we have them all. Use our bold and sparkly shadows to highlight a makeup look or to be the main event. Either way, making a statement has never been so easy.

3. Get ‘Hotter Than Hell’ with a Smokey Eye

Want to take the subtle look and elevate it? Buff out the edges more and add a bright pop of color to the inner corner. This will take you from a casual daytime look to owning the night with a few simple changes. You can create a bright and fun eye look or one that gives dark and mysterious vibes with our wide range of palettes and sticks.

4. ‘IDGAF,’ Choose Them All

For all my indecisive people out there, who can’t choose just one color, check out our palettes; you’ll find a variety of complimentary colors you can play with. Why should you choose just one or two colors when you could choose three or four? Have fun creating original looks using different color combinations from our wide range of eyeshadows.

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