Join Our Adventure

We can never choose which Disney character will be highlighted next in our builds. So we thought, why not choose and build three of them? Here is a sneak peek of what we are building and what you can expect.

  1. Beauty and the Beast’s Castle
  2. Mad Hatter’s House
  3. White Rabbit’s Cottage

1. A Tale As Old As Time, Beauty and the Beast….’s Castle

After Belle and her Beasts’ epic love story, they decided to take a break and escape to her childhood home. While Belle and her Beast are having a much-needed break and basking in their love, their Castle is available for guests to stay in! Beauty and the Beast’s Castle has a ton of sleeping room, which is perfect for larger gatherings. Bring your favourite book and sense of adventure and discover what it’s like living in a Castle. Don’t forget to look out for hidden gems and meanings during your stay.  

2. What’s Madder Than Mad Hatter’s House?

What’s more colorful, artistic and fun than the Mad Hatter’s House? His house reflects his bright and scatterbrained personality through its lively and unique exterior and interior. Mad Hatter’s House is perfect to let loose and be as wild as you want. This is a place of no judgment, embracing your inner sparkle, letting your imagination run wild and having fun. Mad Hatter’s Cottage is perfect for a small group of people looking to escape the mundane of everyday life.

3. It’s Teatime at the White Rabbit’s Cottage

White Rabbit is off on yet another adventure with Alice. As her trusty sidekick, he’s always around to lend a helping hand and steer Alice in the right direction. While he’s away, his cottage is available for guests to stay. White Rabbit’s Cottage is perfect for getting dressed up for no reason and to celebrate during teatime. White Rabbit’s House is full of neat trinkets from his adventures. Let’s see if you can find them all. His cottage is perfect for a small gathering.