USC Personal Statement

Overview of the Personal Statement

The application process for the USC Public Relations and Advertising program required us to answer four questions about ourselves and our career goals.

Who Am I?

The first question applicants had to answer on the personal statement was who they were. We had to tell the story of our life. I have had to overcome a lot in my life. It took a lot of learning and failing to get me to where I am today. That is why I chose to relate my life to the water in a dam.

What About PR Interests Me?

The second question asked applicants what area of PR they were interested in. I have always been fascinated with crisis communication as I thrive in those situations. I compared a crisis PR team to the roots of a tree because it’s those roots that decide if the tree will survive the storm.

Why Grad School?

The next question asked us to explain why we wanted to study PR at a graduate level. I’ve always loved learning and I wanted to learn from the best. We don’t have any PR Master programs in Canada. That is why I related my yearning to acquire knowledge to a balloon. Balloons constantly expand and my balloon was nowhere near complete.

Why USC Annenberg?

The final question on the personal statement asked us to answer why we wanted to go to Annenberg. Before applying, I did a lot of research and included some of their statistics and program information in this poem.