What You Need To Know For ApollyCon 2023

Overview of ApollyCon 2023

Jennifer L. Armentrout’s (JLA) ApollyCon 2023 is just around the corner. ApollyCon is a multi-day reader event that happens annually and features panels, events and signings featuring authors and special guests. Taking place in Washington, D.C., from April 27-30, with Jodi Picoult as the special guest, this weekend is sure to be a reader’s dream come true.

Notable Authors

There will be 183 of your favorite New Adult, Young Adult and Adult Fiction authors in one place. This is your chance to meet the author whose novel “What Lies Beyond the Veil” went viral before it was even published, that being Harper L. Woods. Stacey Marie Brown wrote “Savage Lands,” a six-book series that has gone viral several times over the last year. These are only two authors in a long list of notable authors attending the event. C.N Crawford, K.A. Tucker and T.L Smith are a few more notable authors that will be attending the event. Be sure to look at the author lineup to see who else will be there.

Book Signing (Virtually &

As is every book lover’s dream, attendees can purchase the
authors’ books and have them signed virtually and
in person. Bringing your novels from home is also an option
for attendees wanting their favorite novels signed. Although
no wheeled carts are allowed, there is a bag check where
people can swap their books out for different ones. Readers can buy books onsite and have them signed by the author.

Book Merch and Bookish Items

It’s not just the authors the attendees should be excited for, but the Vendor lineup as well. There will be many bookish-related businesses at the event people can purchase from. A few vendors include The Reading Portal, The Bookish Box and Shop and Enchanted Fandom. All these vendors allow attendees to shop for book/fan-related items. There are many more vendors that range from art to audiobook entertainment to clothing and more.

The Freedom to Plan Your Trip

Make sure to purchase a ticket for this upcoming event as there will be more surprises and events the closer ApollyCon gets. There are two tier levels of tickets to look out for when purchasing through the resale thread. The first is the Titan Ticket, which gives an attendee all-access. They include a swag bag and badge, Thursday night social events, the Friday panels, the Titan signing, 1,001 Dark Nights Sparkler event, Saturday’s general signing, the ApollyCon afterparty and other TBA social events. This is the perfect ticket for those who want to visit and interact with multiple authors.

The second type of ticket one can buy is the Deity Ticket. This ticket only includes the Saturday General Signing. There are also add-on tickets attendees can purchase, including the Sunday Brunch ticket, Sunday Q&A ticket, and the Friday Access pass people can add to their Deity Ticket.

For More Information

Be sure to stay current on any more updates or announcements about ApollyCon. If you have any additional questions about the event, email info@apollyconevent.com.

I am not in any way affiliated with ApollyCon or Jennifer L. Armentrout.