‘From Blood and Ash’ TV Series Campaign

What was the goal of this project?

We had to take a product or service and create a promotion surrounding the launch of something new. My project promoted the adaptation of the popular novel, “From Blood and Ash,” by Jennifer L. Armentrout, into a Hulu Orginal series.

I created:

  • Billboard/Print Advertisement
  • New’s Release
  • Feature Story

Billboard & Print Advertisement


The purpose of this billboard was to
start building up the hype for this fandom.
Hulu was chosen because it is known for being
the best at adapting books into TV shows.

Print Advertisement

The print advertisement was meant to offer
more context to show for people who
haven’t read to book to gain an interest in
watching the TV adaptation.

New’s Release

This new release’s purpose was to announce the adaptation of “From Blood and Ash.” It outlines the exciting nature of the project, a background on the book, who the showrunners will be, and Hulu’s involvement.

Feature Story

    Fan Casting

    This feature story was written from the perspective of Jennifer L. Armentrout, choosing her ideal cast for the characters in “From Blood and Ash.” There are many fan casts for book-to-TV adaptations, which is why this feature story would garner a lot of attention.